Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon




Our premium Atlantic salmon comes from the remote, crystal clear waters of the Norwegian fjords in the Arctic.

Salmon feed is comprised of a mixture of fishmeal, soybean, vitamins, minerals, natural pigment and fish oil from certified sustainable fisheries.

Sashimi grade, individually vacuum sealed portions available in a variety of sizes. Skinless & skin-on options are available. Salmon is great grilled, poached, marinated or smoked and is excellent in stir fries and casseroles. Sashimi and sushi.

Canadian wild caught Sockeye salmon fillets are now available. They have a naturally darker, more reddish pigment than Atlantic salmon and a firmer texture.

Ocean trout is rainbow trout reared in salt water. They tend to have more subtle, less salty flavour and slightly firmer flesh


200g – $6.90

4 x 150g – $19.90

1kg Bag – $29.90

Full Fillet (1-1.5kg) – $34.90/kg

5kg Box (25pc) – $160


200g – $7.90

4 x 150g – $24.90

5kg Box (25pc) – $175


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