Blue Swimmer Crabs

Blue Swimmer Crabs


Blue Swimmer or Blue Manna crabs are found along our coastline stretching from Port Headland in the north down to Dunsborough in the south.

Blue manna crabs are superb eating with a sweet nutty flavour. Crabs are delicious in stir fry and curries and the meat is terrific in pasta dishes or omelettes.

Crabs from the Peel-Harvey Estuary are available from December to August, reaching their peak in January-March. Stocks of frozen Carnarvon crabs are available year round.

Drop crabs in boiling salted water, time 5 minutes once a rolling boil returns then chill with iced water. Delicious served on their own or in sandwiches

In season, we sell fresh Mandurah crabs as both raw and freshly cooked crabs. We also sell Shark Bay raw crab meat in 500g & 200g packs.

Mandurah Fresh Crabs – Raw – $24.90/kg & Cooked – $26.90/kg

Raw Carnarvon Crabs – $18.90/kg & 3kg Box $48

Shark Bay Raw Crabmeat – $14.50/200g & $39.90/500g


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