Bugs (Slipper Lobster)

Bugs (Slipper Lobster)


Bugs also known as slipper lobsters are flattened crustaceans found along the northern half of the Australian coastline. These crustacean are generally caught as by-catch from prawn trawlers. Moreton Bay Bugs are more common than Balmain Bugs and can be distinguished easily as their eyes are located on the edge of their heads where as the eyes of Balmain bugs are close to the centre of their body.

Slipper Lobster meat is translucent when raw and white and opaque when cooked. The shell turns red when cooked. They are excellent for cold seafood platters served with a light lemon mayonnaise, aioli or dill vinaigrette and can also be included on a warm salad with fresh asparagus and parmesan.

We currently have stock of delicious Honey Bug meat and large slipper lobster tails.

Slipper Lobster Tails – $69.90/kg (80-90g each)

Queensland Bug Flesh – $69.90/kg

Raw Bug Tails – $59.90/kg (50-80g each)

Cleaned Split Raw Bugs – $39.90/kg (70g each half)

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