Coral Prawns

Coral Prawns


Coral prawns are made up by number of different small prawn species with one of the largest types (M. crassissima) accounting for the majority caught by trawlers in the Shark Bay fishery.

Coral prawns are considered a by-catch when trawling for larger and more valuable king and tiger prawns. Due to their small size many escape through the mesh at the cod-end of the net.

Coral prawns are often used as bait in recreational fishing, but more seafood consumers are discovery how delicious, juicy and sweet tasting these prawns actually are.

White coral prawns are from Carvarvon/Shark Bay and red coral prawns are caught in the Exmouth Gulf.

These prawns make a great addition to pasta dishes, light curries, stir-fry and as a
pizza topping.

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