Australian herring is an important ‘bread and butter’ species that is endemic to Australian waters.

Herring are a pelagic schooling species generally found in the coastal waters of southern Australia. Herring prefer inshore bays and estuaries but also cruise along open beaches.

Herring can grow up to 41 cm in length but most are caught at about 20-25 cm. The term ‘bull herring’ is used for large fish over 250g and small schools of larger herring frequent Perth waters around Easter time.

Herring of the northern hemisphere, they are not related to our species.

Herring are sold as whole fish (gut in & scale on) with 8-10 fish per kg.

Herring is a tasty fish that is commonly fried, smoked and pickled. Smaller fish are gutted, headed, scaled then dusted in flour and fried until crispy.

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