Hoki/NZ Grenadier

Hoki/NZ Grenadier


Hoki is sometimes called blue grenadier, whiptail or blue hake and is a Maori word meaning ‘to return’.

There are 4 main fishing regions in New Zealand with peak season catches from June to September. Hoki is trawled in mid water at depths of 200-600m with most fish 60-120cm long.

Hoki are a relatively fast growing species and is New Zealand’s largest commercial fishery that has been certified sustainable since 2001.

Fish are caught, filleted and snap frozen at sea in a 6.8kg shatter pack.

Delicate white fish fillets with moist flaky flesh that is quite fragile. Fillets are great crumbed, battered or added to chowders, pies and curries. Try poaching in melted butter, milk, dill, salt and pepper and thicken with cornflour. Oven bake as individual parcels of baking paper with leek, thyme & tomatoes.

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