Milkfish is a toothless herbivore that can live in fresh, brackish and saltwater. It is the only remaining member of its family alive today with fossils dating back to the Cretaceous Period.

A tropical fish species, Milkfish (also known as Bangus) is an important aquaculture fish throughout South East Asia and are considered the national fish of the Philippines.

In the wild, milkfish are a revered sports fish by fly fishermen as they are challenging to hook and ultra impressive fighters with their powerful forked tail built for speed.

Fish sold are whole (scale on and gut in) and weigh 600-800g each.

Milkfish are delicious eating but quite bony. The white flesh is neither bland nor strong tasting and is quite well suited to cooking in a broth. Milkfish is also good dried, smoked and used in fish balls.

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