Octopus has a dense, meaty texture which is becoming increasingly popular among chefs and seafood lovers.

Octopus is best cooked slowly, either steamed or in a pressure cooker for 20-35 minutes depending on their size. Frozen Octopus cook more tender than fresh octopus.

Originally, octopus were caught as a by-product of the rock lobster and prawn fisheries, but today they are specifically targeted by commercial and recreational fishers. Our octopuses are captured from Cockburn Sound to Wedge Island using trigger trap pots. Delivered to us fresh, we wash, cut and vacuum pack the hands then quickly freeze them.

We also sell cleaned baby octopus  from Indonesia.

Alberto Kitchen marinated octopus is also very popular among our customers.

W.A. Local Octopus tentacles- $39.90/kg

South African Octopus – $21.90/kg (headless)

Cleaned Baby Octopus $16.90/kg

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