We stock premium quality Pacific Oysters harvested from Tasmania and New Zealand.

Tasmanian Oysters – Harvested from Moulting Bay these oysters are freshly shucked retaining their natural brine. A generous oyster packed with a salty marine taste.

New Zealand oysters – creamy, large and juicy – delightful served ‘au naturel’ or cooked.

Our frozen oysters are superb eating ‘au naturel’ with squeeze of fresh lemon or sprinkled with light vinaigrette. Cook oysters in a very hot oven or under a preheated grill covered with your favourite toppings.

Oyster meat can be coated in a light tempura batter or breadcrumb then fried. Flesh can also be smoked or marinated.

Typically our oysters are sold shucked in the half shell (unturned) or as oyster flesh in a pottle.

Tasmanian – 1 Dozen $23.90 & 10 Dozen Box $220

New Zealand – Medium 1 Dozen $23.90 & 10 Dozen Box $220

New Zealand – Large 1 Dozen $26.90 & 5 Dozen Box $130

Japanese Oyster Flesh – 1 Dozen $12.90

Oyster Wheel & Pizza Tray – $21.90


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