Scallops have a rich flavour with firm, moist flesh that require minimal cooking. Pat dry, season well and sear in a hot pan for 2 mins one side and 1 min on the other. Scallops can also be poached, steamed, crumbed & battered. Scallops drizzled with Tamari/soy sauce and butter taste great.

Roe on scallops typically come from ‘corrugated’ shells and roe off from smooth ‘saucer’ shells

We have diverse range of Scallops such as in the half shell from Shark Bay, Tasmanian roe-on scallops and large USA roe-off scallops.

Large Shark Bay Half Shell Scallops – $16.90/6pc

Shark Bay Scallops –  Large $79.90/kg

Tasmanian Roe-on Scallops – $44.90/kg

Imported Roe-off Scallops – Small $29.90/kg & Large $49.90/kg


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