Spanish Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel


Spanish Mackerel (narrow-barred) are large offshore pelagic species that grow to 2.4m and 40kg.

Research suggests the mackerel in WA’s northern waters don’t move more than 100 kilometres along the coast. In southern waters, they are thought to migrate over hundreds of kilometres, following the warmer waters of the Leeuwin Current.

Mackerel is a fast pelagic predator that prefer tropical and sub tropical waters. They are most abundant from May – November when they are caught by fisherman trolling lures.

Mackerel is a lean fish with full flavour. The skin is thin and edible and the flesh texture canbecome dry with over cooking. Delicious when used in a fish curry.

Cutlets are delicious cooked on the barbeque and a squeeze of lemon helps balance out the oiliness. Remember not to overcook.

We stock Spanish Mackerel as fillets & cutlets.

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