Tiger Prawns

Tiger Prawns

The Brown Tiger Prawn (P. Esculentus) appears to be endemic to Australian waters. They are caught in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Torres Strait, North East Coast, Exmouth Gulf and in Shark Bay.

Tiger prawns are large and flavoursome (common size is 11‑20 cm in length and 35‑50 grams). Their majestic striping makes for impressive presentation and is a reflection of their seagrass habitat.

The Black Tiger Prawn (P. Monodon & sometimes called a Leader prawn) grow larger but are not caught in large volumes commercially hence they are more commonly farm raised.

We sell wild caught Australian Tiger prawns in a variety of sizes. Extra large Exmouth cooked tiger prawns, Shark Bay raw tiger prawns (large, extra large & jumbo) as well as green tiger prawn cutlets and flesh from Exmouth.

Tiger Prawns have a firm texture with a medium flavour which puts them between Kings and Bananas on the flavour spectrum. Tigers are well suited to garlic prawn dishes, and their flavour will be enhanced by marinating. Their firm flesh holds together well & tastes great when cooked on the barbecue.

Extra Large Exmouth Cooked Tigers – $42.90/kg & 5kg Box $195 (9/12 count)

Shark Bay Raw Tiger Prawns

Large (15/25) $27.90/kg

Extra Large (11/15) $39.90/kg

Large Raw Exmouth Tiger Prawn Cutlets (21/25) $36.90/500g

Medium Raw Tiger Flesh (41/60) $21.90/500g

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