Vannamei Prawns

Vannamei Prawns


Also called White Leg Shrimp, these prawns are native to warm tropical marine habitats with the vast majority sourced from responsible aquaculture facilities.

Cooked, peeled and deveined, then snap frozen within hours of harvest ensures freshness and quality is retained.

These prawns are naturally tender and sweet flavoured making them best quality cooked and peeled prawn available on the market.

These prawns are sold as individually quick frozen flesh & cutlets in 500g bags. Medium flesh 80-90 prawns per bag (ideal for fried rice, pizza topping or prawn cocktail). Cutlets are in two sizes medium/large (35 prawns/bag) & large (25 prawns/bag).

Vannamei prawns make an ideal addition to salads, prawn cocktails and pasta dishes.

Great prawns to pan fry dusted in a salt & pepper flour or to warm through with garlic butter.


Small/Medium Flesh – $12.90/500g

Medium/Large Flesh – $17.90/500g

Large Cutlets (Tail-on) – $21.90/500g

Extra Large Cutlets – $25.90/500g


Medium Flesh – $16.90/500g

Large Cutlets – $19.90/500g


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