Local W.A. caught Roei Abalone is now available for $59.90/kg.

Abalone is a reef dwelling marine snail with over 18 different species found in Australian waters but primarily Greenlip, Blacklip and Brownlip are commercially fished.


Western Australia has one of the last remaining wild-stock sustainable fisheries, with our export grade Greenlip meat caught off the Esperance coast.


Cultured abalone is a sophisticated business with farms spread across our southern coastline from Bremer Bay (WA), Kangaroo Island (S.Aust) and Bicheno (TAS) all producing premium quality abalone.


Yield of abalone meat is 35% of total weight

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Additional Information

Cooking Suggestions

These ocean delicacies are best cooked very quickly or very slowly. Slice thinly and tenderize (with a mallet between two freezer bags) then flash fry in hot pan with garlic, chilli, ginger and oyster sauce. Braise slowly in a quality stock for at least 6 hours

Health and Nutrition

Abalone is a good source of omega-3, phosphorous and iodine. In Asian cultures, abalone is appreciated for its health benefits, including healthy eyes and skin.

Handy Hint

Tenderize abalone in milk & garlic

Fast Fact

Paua is a New Zealand abalone ‘Black Abalone’

Recipe Card

Pan fried Abalone with oregano, lemon & cracked pepper


Ponzu sauce, Sesame oil, Citrus flavours


Paua, Cuttlefish