Basa/Freshwater Fillet

Basa is a fast growing freshwater fish and commonly known as Vietnamese River Cobbler.


We source the best quality basa and you can taste the difference. Harvested from clean waters then rapidly processed in factories at the cutting edge of modern technology and accredited to the highest levels of international food quality.


Basa farming provides Australia with a sustainable, healthy and affordable replacement to our limited wild caught fish resource. It is an ultra-modern multibillion export industry that supply large markets in Europe, North American and Australia.

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Additional Information

Cooking Suggestions

Basa is a mild tasting, white fleshed, boneless fillet that cooks well in most cooking methods. Try basa in a Vietnamese curry, baked with coconut milk and coriander or used for fish cakes.

Health and Nutrition

Basa is affordable and the Heart Foundation recommend we eat 2 serves of fish each week making basa a great choice

Handy Hint

Don’t believe everything you hear on TV about basa

Fast Fact

Basa is a type of catfish

Recipe Card

Lemon fish with Olive Salsa, Pan-fried fish (Ikan Goreng)


Pesto, curry paste, soy sauce, noodles


Tilapia, Nile Perch, Cobbler