King/Goldband Snapper

Goldband snappers are deep water fish inhabiting tropical and sub-tropical waters. They are schooling fish and live in areas of hard, rocky and uneven sea floor and steep drop-offs. They prefer deeper waters and can be found in depths of 40-250 m.


Goldband snapper can grow to 90 cm and weigh in excess of 8 kg. They are a long lived fish and have been aged up to 30 years. They reach maturity around 40 cm in length.

They are caught mostly off northern WA, NT & QLD by demersal longlines, traps and trawling.


We stock Goldband snapper vacuum packed as skin-on (fully scaled) fillets, portioned fillets, whole fish (gilled, gutted & scaled) and occasionally as skinless fillets.

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Additional Information

Cooking Suggestions

Goldband Snapper has chunky flesh with a moist succulent texture and a full fish flavour which is excellent cooked in almost any way you choose. Crispy skin – pat fillet dry, season, heat oil until just begins to smoke, place skin side down, press flat as it begins to curl, cook this side for 70% of cooking time.

Health and Nutrition

Fish is not only an important source of nutrition, the act of catching, preparing, and eating fish are important cultural and family practices.

Handy Hint

Whole fish are great baked and fillets are delicious steamed

Fast Fact

Related to the Red Emperor (Lutjanidae family)

Recipe Card

Prosciutto Wrapped Fish


Medium bodied white wine aged in oak – Semillon


Red Emperor, King Snapper, Saddletail Snapper