Fresh Albany Mussels $7.90/kg (loose packed)

South Australian Mussels $18.50/2kg (vacuum packed & pot ready).


Black/Blue mussels are sustainably harvested fresh daily from the Cockburn & Warnbro Sounds. Local mussels are in prime condition at this time of year and we are currently selling them for only $7.90/kg. Pick up a kilo or two for dinner tonight!

These mussels are the preferred choice of restaurateurs for their menus due to their culinary quality. Mussels are alive; any slightly open shells should respond to a tap on the shell by closing, discard any shells that gape open.


Greenlip mussels (Perna canaliculus) possess a jade coloured shell with plump, flavoursome meat (av 30% larger). These mussels are regularly sold as whole shell, in the half shell, blanched meat, marinated and smoked.

Greenlip mussels are fine to cook from frozen.