NZ Flounder

Sand Flounder are endemic to New Zealand and are the most abundant of the flounder species. These diamond shaped fish are widespread around inshore areas, especially at the mouths of large rivers or over sandy bottoms.


Yellowbelly flounder are less common than sand flounder; they have a more oval shape and are generally plumper. They have an olive green top and black spots on the underside.


Other commercial species of flatfish that are sourced from New Zealand include lemon sole and turbot (largest species).

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Additional Information

Cooking Suggestions

Flounder are sweet flavoured fish that is best served whole. The fine textured flesh is easily separated from the backbone using a folk. Whole fish are commonly dusted in flour and pan seared, deep fried in batter or grilled.

Health and Nutrition

Flounders are a low fat finfish and when grilled are a very lean, healthy and delicious meal

Handy Hint

Rub cornflour into the skin firmly before frying

Fast Fact

Flounders eyes can move independently other

Recipe Card

Grilled Flounder with Herbed Butter


Herbed butter, Creamy white wine sauces


Flathead, Sole