Sea Mullet

Sea mullet are found in all coastal waters of WA but they are targeted by commercial fishermen from Shark Bay southwards using gill and haul nets.


Mullet is a fast growing herbivore that swim in large schools and can often be seen jumping out of the water. They can grow as big as 80cm but most caught are in the 30-50cm range.


We stock sea mullet from Mandurah and Bunbury which are sold as whole fish and boneless fillets.

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Additional Information

Cooking Suggestions

Mullet have a strong, distinctive flavour with a soft to medium texture. Mullet taste delicious smoked, baked and grilled. Mullet roe is considered a delicacy

Health and Nutrition

The oily fish, such as mullet contain vitamins A and D in their flesh, whereas in the white fish these are only present in the fish’s liver

Handy Hint

Deep skinning fillets removes a fatty layer and lightens flavour

Fast Fact

Highest oil content in April/May prior to spawning


Milkfish, Herring, Sardines