We stock premium quality Pacific Oysters harvested from New Zealand.

These oysters are freshly shucked retaining their natural brine. Pearly white to coffee coloured meat is housed in a deep cup revealing a generous oyster packed with a salty marine taste.


New Zealand pacific oysters  delightful served ‘au naturel’ or cooked. Available in Medium ($23.90/doz), Large ($25.90/doz) and Jumbo ($14.90/6 pack) sizes


Oyster Wheels are great for cooking and serving oysters (and doubles as a pizza tray!)

Fresh Mandurah crabs are now available - Cooked and Raw.... supply is limited.

Fresh Cooked $21.90/kg

Fresh Raw $19.90/kg

Blue Swimmer or Blue Manna crabs are found along our coastline stretching from Port Headland in the north down to Dunsborough in the south.


Male crabs are known as ‘blueys’ and females are sometimes called ‘jennies’. Male crabs are more colourful (deep blue), possess longer claws and have a narrow abdominal flap. Females have shorter claws, a rounded (moon shaped) abdominal flap and of a mottled green colouration.

Blue swimmers can reach a claw span of 80cm.


Crabs from the Peel-Harvey Estuary are available from November to August, reaching their peak in Dec-March.

Stocks of frozen Carnarvon crabs are available year round.