New Season fresh Cooked Exmouth Tiger Prawns are only $22.80/kg.


The Brown Tiger Prawn (P. Esculentus) appears to be endemic to Australian waters. They’re caught from all around Australia including the Gulf of Carpentaria, Torres Strait, North East Coast, Exmouth and Shark Bay.


Tiger prawns are large and flavoursome (common size is 11‑20 cm in length and 35‑50 grams). Their majestic striping makes for impressive presentation and is a reflection of their seagrass habitat.


The Black Tiger Prawn (P. Monodon & sometimes called a Leader prawn) grow larger but are not caught in large volumes commercially hence they are more commonly farm raised.

New Season Carnarvon raw king prawns are only $11.99/kg. 3kg Box of Large Raw King Prawns only $57.


These wild caught West Australian Prawns are perfect to barbeque this summer.

There are 3 species of King Prawns – Western, Eastern & Redspot.


Our Western King Prawns are caught in the pristine waters of the world heritage area Shark Bay and the Exmouth Gulf between April to November each year.


King prawns are trawled over hard sand sediment during the night with the average size 10-16cm in length and 30-45g


Australia’s prawn fisheries are very well managed by having a limited number of vessels, seasonal closures, area closures, gear controls and time/moon closures.