Wild Caught Australian Banana prawns from the Gulf of Carpenteria are currently on special. A 250g tray of peeled and deveined prawns are marked down to $11.90 a packet. There are approximately 15-20 prawns per tray. Registered members are currently receiving a further discount on this current price. Join Today.

There are two varieties of wild caught Australian Banana Prawns - White Banana Prawn (F. merguiensis) and the Redleg Banana Prawn (F. indicus).


The vast majority of banana prawns are sustainably caught in Northern Prawn Fishery during an 8 week season spanning from the beginning of April to the end of May. Each season the catch is directly correlated to the local rainfall levels between the months of December through to March.


Prawn grading refers to the number of prawns per pound

i.e. a prawn cutlet (tail-on) size 26/30 means there are between 26 and 30 prawns per 450g. Jumbo whole prawns graded U10 means less than 10 prawns per pound

2 Export grade raw crayfish tails are now on special for $38. Perfect to barbecue with garlic butter.

Western Rock Lobsters are a highly prized seafood delicacy and is WA’s most valuable commercial fishery.

Only 10% of the commercial catch is consumed locally.


Our export quality ‘crayfish’ are sustainably caught from the fertile waters of the Batavia coast off Geraldton. The fishery operates under a strict Quota Management System that runs from 15th January to 14th January the following year.


Whole lobsters are graded by weight with an

A size <460g, B size 461-570g, C size 571-690g etc


Coldwater lobsters are called Maine lobsters and warm water lobsters called spiny lobsters – both are excellent eating.

1kg Bag of Premium Atlantic Salmon is only $29.90 - Members price $25. Sashimi grade, individually vacuum sealed skin-on portions.


Our premium Atlantic salmon comes from the remote, crystal clear waters of the Norwegian fjords in the Arctic.


Our salmon is available as full fillets, fillet portions, cutlets, hot smoked, cold smoked and as caviar


Salmon feed is comprised of a mixture of fishmeal, soybean, vitamins, minerals, natural pigment and fish oil from certified sustainable fisheries.


Ocean Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) are rainbow trout reared in seawater. They have a naturally darker, more reddish pigment than salmon.