Black/Blue mussels are sustainably harvested fresh daily from the Cockburn & Warnbro Sounds. ‘Pot ready’ vacuum packed mussels are supplied from Boston Bay in South Australia.

These mussels are the preferred choice of restaurateurs for their menus due to their culinary quality. Mussels are alive; any slightly open shells should respond to a tap on the shell by closing, discard any shells that gape open.


Greenlip mussels (Perna canaliculus) possess a jade coloured shell with plump, flavoursome meat (av 30% larger). These mussels are regularly sold as whole shell, in the half shell, blanched meat, marinated and smoked.

Greenlip mussels are fine to cook from frozen.

We stock premium quality Pacific Oysters harvested both from South Australia and New Zealand.


Coffin Bay oysters - coined ‘Barossa of the Sea’ are harvested from nutrient rich waters that flow up from the Antarctic.

These oysters are freshly shucked retaining their natural brine. Pearly white to coffee coloured meat is housed in a deep cup revealing a generous oyster packed with a salty marine taste.


Clevedon Coast oysters are harvested from the N.Z. Hauraki Gulf when in their ripest condition. These creamy oysters are large and juicy – delightful served ‘au naturel’ or cooked.


Oyster Wheels are great for cooking and serving oysters