Saltwater barramundi is an iconic Australian fish species revered by anglers and seafood lovers alike.


Delicious skin-on, fully scaled fillets from Cone-Bay are currently on special for $32.90/kg. 


Our Barramundi is processed within 4 hours of harvest and snap frozen using state-of-the-art Japanese belt freezing. Fast frozen fillets are best thawed slowly by cutting the vacuum pack and placing on a plate in the refrigerator for 12-24hrs. We sell natural cut fillets, portion controlled fillets and whole cleaned pan size fish.


The name Barramundi is Aboriginal for ‘large-scaled silver fish’ and is the fish at the centre of an ancient Aboriginal folk tale called ‘Forbidden Love’ and those who believe in the story believe it has aphrodisiac qualities and call them ‘Passion fish’

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Our premium Atlantic salmon comes from the remote, crystal clear waters of the Norwegian fjords in the Arctic.


Salmon feed is comprised of a mixture of fishmeal, soybean, vitamins, minerals, natural pigment and fish oil from certified sustainable fisheries.


Canadian wild caught Sockeye salmon fillets are now available. They have a naturally darker, more reddish pigment than Atlantic salmon and a firmer texture.