Seafood both delicious and healthy and important in a healthy lifestyle. Benefits of seafood include:

  • High in protein which is easily digestible (most fish average 20-25% protein)
  • High in vitamins, including A,B,D & E
  • Good source of minerals such as iodine, selenium, taurine, calcium and iron
  • Low in kilojoules
  • Low in cholesterol
  • Rich source of beneficial Omega-3 oils – especially in sardines, anchovies, salmon, Patagonian toothfish, mackerel, swordfish, tuna (canned),herring, greenshell mussels, oysters and arrow squid….generally speaking those species found in cold water.

Imported Seafood

In Australia, we have been importing seafood for over half a century. Our wild (natural) resources have reached sustainable levels however demand for seafood by consumers is constantly increasing and currently is more than double the total production capacity. Combined with an increasing population, further restrictions in commercial fishing quotas and a low level of aquaculture production the shortage must be filled with imported seafood.

At Burswood Seafood we stock imported seafood from many countries to complement many locally sourced seafood products. These include; New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Vietnam, Thailand, Greenland, USA and Chile. We are very selective about the seafood we sell and place a great importance on quality rather than country of origin.

Imported Seafood is:

  • Necessary – Australian seafood production is insufficient to meet our increasing demand for seafood and the gap can only be filled by seafood sourced from overseas
  • Healthy – Seafood provides us with a number of health benefits and are encouraged to eat between 1 to 4 serves each week
  • Safe to eat – imported seafood poses no greater health risk than Australian produced food, New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam all have very high compliance rates (97% pass in  AQIS testing protocols)
  • Increases variety – consumers can enjoy a much more diverse seafood menu
  • Creates employment opportunities – employs two thirds of all seafood industry workers in the post harvest sector and contributes billions of dollars to the Australian economy each year