Endeavour Prawns


The Endeavour prawn is the tastiest wild caught prawn in Australia. Our Exmouth Fresh Cooked Endeavours are bursting with flavour and available daily.


There are two species of Endeavour prawns –

Blue (M. endeavouri) and Red (M. ensis). They range in size from about 22-30g each and 7-14cm in length. Red Endeavour Prawns are slightly smaller.


Important note: There is a difference between Endeavour prawns and other species. On some Endeavours you may notice some discolouration about the head – with some heads becoming quite dark. With other species this indicates that the prawn is not fresh, however this discolouration is characteristic of the Endeavour and not necessarily a reflection of their quality.

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Additional Information

Cooking Suggestions

The Endeavour Prawn has a medium to strong flavour, which is generally sweet and stands up well in spicy dishes. The delicious flavour of this species makes it perfect for seafood platters & salads.

Health and Nutrition

Prawns are an excellent source of protein, a good source of omega 3 fatty acids and a great way to get iron, zinc and vitamin E.

Handy Hint

5kg Party Pack contain approx 200 prawns

Fast Fact

‘Green’ prawns simply refer to raw prawns

Recipe Card

Prawn Sang Choy Bow


Seafood Sauce Avocado and mango salsa


Banana, Tiger or King Prawns, bug tails