Red Emperor

Traditionally referred to as N/W Snapper or Sweetlip Emperor, there is number of different species including; Redspot, Bluespotted, Grass, Spangled, Redthroat and Longnose Emperors.


Emperors are tropical reef dwellers that inhabit shallow coral reefs and seagrass beds as well as deep offshore rocky reefs. They prefer to feed on sand or rubble areas that surround the reef.


Emperors are long lived (up to 30 years) and range in size from 30-65cm.

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Additional Information

Cooking Suggestions

Emperor is a prime eating tropical species with firm, mild sweet tasting flesh and large flakes. Fillets are great to pan fry, barbeque and steam. Small emperors are great to bake whole. This versatile fish is also suitable for casseroles and curries.

Health and Nutrition

A single serve of fish or other seafood (150 grams) provides 50%-60% of the daily protein needs for an adult.

Handy Hint

Commonly called Nor-west Snapper

Fast Fact

Change sex from female to male

Recipe Card

Pan Fried Fish with Thai Sauce


Chilli, garlic, ginger, soy and teriyaki sauce


Spangled, Red-spot, Blue-spot Emperor