There are two species of sardines found in Western Australia – Pilchard – Sagax neopilchardus & Scaly mackerel Sardinella lemuru with approximately 20-50 fish/kg.


Sardines are schooling species which are caught using the purse seine method from the waters of Cape Leeuwin to the South Australian Border.


Food grade sardines are individually quick frozen (IQF) whole or sold as butterflied fillets.


Sardines used for bait are often referred to as ‘mulies’ or ‘scalies’ (depending on the species) and often sold in 2kg blocks.

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Additional Information

Cooking Suggestions

Strong flavoured with soft flesh, sardines are great served for breakfast (on toast with avocado and squeeze of lemon and EVOO), lunch (added to salads or sandwiches) or dinner (baked, barbequed or flaked through pasta).

Health and Nutrition

Sardines contribute in a positive way to our health as they’re packed with omega-3, vitamins B12 & D, calcium and selenium.

Handy Hint

Lemon juice helps cut through the natural oiliness

Fast Fact

Named after the Mediterranean island of Sardinia in Italy

Recipe Card

Sardines with Spinach and Pine Nuts


EVOO, Balsamic vinegar, Tomatoes & Thyme


Herring, Mullet, Milkfish