Smooth Dory

Dory are a deep-water species found only in the Southern Hemisphere. We stock King Dory (Lookdown Dory), other similar species caught include Mirror and Silver Dory. These dories are sustainably trawled in offshore waters ranging 200-800m. The closely related John Dory which is an inshore species.

The New Zealand Oreo fishery encompasses four species of Oreo Dory (Smooth, Black, Spiky, and Warty) managed in unison. They are caught along the Chatham Rise and in the south-eastern area of New Zealand’s EEZ at depths between 600 and 1200 meters. Smooth Dory is the most abundant.

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Additional Information

Cooking Suggestions

Dory fillets are firm and do not flake easily, holding together well when cooked. Because of this they are a versatile fish species, suitable for most cooking methods. Natural fillets can be breaded or battered then deep fried, oven baked in foil parcels, pan fried, sautéed or grilled/broiled.

Health and Nutrition

Fish consumption is linked to reduced decline in brain function in old age. Fish increases grey matter in the brain centres that control memory and emotion.

Handy Hint

Grapeseed oil has a much higher smoke point than olive oil

Fast Fact

Slow growing live 80-100 years

Recipe Card

Fish with Mango Salsa


Butter, citrus, white wine, fresh herbs


Leatherjacket, Other species of Oreo & Dories