About Us

Supplying great quality seafood at affordable prices for over 30 years

Burswood Seafood is a family owned and operated business which first opened its doors in October 1988. Owner and founder Rick Indrisie has been in the seafood industry since 1977, involved in wholesale and retail seafood. At the time, the location Rick chose to establish his seafood shop was criticized by some colleagues, however he was of the belief that the seafood he sold was of excellent quality and reasonably priced which would entice customers to travel (sometimes of their way) to purchase their seafood. Over time the locality has proven to be a wise choice and is testament to his excellent judgment.

Rick noticed an opportunity to establish an innovative seafood store and was determined to build a reputation for supplying great quality seafood at affordable prices. Back then the sale of frozen seafood was seen as a niche market, but today it is widely available and customers appreciate the convenience, quality and practicality.

Today, Burswood Seafood remains a unique shopping experience. Our immaculate store displays a massive array of mouthwatering seafood (over a 130 product lines) in a pleasant environment without that awful fishy smell. Customers can browse through our vast product range at their leisure and select from a variety of condiments, spices, sauces and recipe cards to complement their purchase.

Your shopping experience will be pleasant every time with friendly staff always willing to give useful advice on our products and provide you with cooking tips and serving suggestions.

Burswood Seafood also operates two seafood trucks which open on weekends and are located in Crawley and Guildford.

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