Rock Lobster

Generous size tails (250g each) are perfect to barbecue with garlic butter and are much more economical than the whole cooked lobsters.

Western Rock Lobsters are a highly prized seafood delicacy and is WA’s most valuable commercial fishery.

Only 10% of the commercial catch is consumed locally.


Our export quality ‘crayfish’ are sustainably caught from the fertile waters of the Batavia coast off Geraldton. The fishery operates under a strict Quota Management System that runs from 15th January to 14th January the following year.


Whole lobsters are graded by weight with an

A size <460g, B size 461-570g, C size 571-690g etc


Coldwater lobsters are called Maine lobsters and warm water lobsters called spiny lobsters – both are excellent eating.

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Additional Information

Cooking Suggestions

Whole lobsters are often steamed or boiled in salted water for approx 15 minutes then served chilled. Raw lobsters (and tails) can be split lengthways and grilled or barbequed, topped with a cheesy mornay sauce or herb & garlic butter.

Health and Nutrition

Great sources of vitamin B12 which help maintain the red blood cells and nerve cells. It improves the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Handy Hint

A 200g tail is from a 500-600g lobster (B size)

Fast Fact

Worlds 1st MSC Certified Commercial Fishery

Recipe Card

Garlic Lobster Tails Grilled Lobster with Salsa


Cheesy mornay sauce, garlic butter


Slipper Lobster, Maine Lobsters, Mud crab