There are 2 main types of scallops sold in Australia;


Commercial Scallops (Pecten fumatus) these possess a ridged or corrugated shell and are usually sold with the roe (gonad) attached. Orange roe are female, white are male. Roe adds flavour, presentation and a little authenticity.


Saucer Scallops (Amusium sp.) possess a round, smooth shell and often sold without the roe attached. These scallops tend to appear whiter and have firmer flesh than the commercial scallop.


We only sell natural ‘dry’ scallops as opposed to ‘wet’ chemically soaked scallops

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Additional Information

Cooking Suggestions

Scallops have a rich flavour with firm, moist flesh that requires minimal cooking (over cooked scallops will shrink & toughen). Pat dry, season and place well spaced around the edge of a hot pan aiming for a caramalised crust (2min side 1, 30sec-1min other). Poach, steam, crumbed or batter also work well.

Health and Nutrition

High in protein, low in calories and contains magnesium, potassium and vitamin B12

Handy Hint

Pat scallops dry and season before cooking

Fast Fact

Scallops are hermaphrodites

Recipe Card

Scallops with Spaghetti, Chives & Capers


Tamari (soy) and butter taste great combination


Calamari, Abalone