Patagonian Toothfish

Patagonian Toothfish


Patagonian Toothfish is a bottom dwelling species that inhabit depths of 300-2000m in areas of submarine banks and on continental shelves surrounding islands. Toothfish are named for their sharp teeth on their upper jaw.

Fish are caught, headed & gutted then blast frozen on board at sea. We then process the frozen trunks into cutlets using a band saw. Our toothfish is sustainably caught by longlining more than 4137km southwest of Perth. Fishing vessels target fish in the waters surrounding Heard and Mcdonald Islands – Sub-Antarctic Australian Territory.

A highly prized fish with a rich, melt-in-your-mouth flavour. The snow white ,moderately oily meat is tender and moist with large, thick flakes. The oil content makes it perfect for the grill, but it can also be steamed, poached and smoked.

Glacier 51 portioned fillets are also available.


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