Our Hake is a sea processed product which means it has been filleted, deboned and quick frozen all at sea immediately after capture. Sea processed hake is superior to land processed hake as land processed hake is twice frozen.

Hake inhabit the coastal waters of southern Africa and support a large bottom trawl fishery which is sustainably managed.

M. capensis species generally inhabits continental shelf waters to a depth of 440 m, whereas the M. paradoxus species inhabits deeper waters from 140 to 850 m.

Hake also undertake daily vertical migration – they aggregate close to the bottom in the daytime and then disperse and move higher in the water in the night to feed on fish and plankton. Trawlers target hake at the bottom of the sea in the daytime and fish 40-60cm are most common.

Hake tend to have a very mild taste and a slightly coarse texture.

Quick and delicious – wrap the fillets in tinfoil with a bit of butter, lemon and fresh dill. Put the wrapped fish parcels into an oven or steamer and cook for a few minutes.

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