Banana Prawns

Banana Prawns


There are two varieties of wild caught Australian Banana Prawns – White Banana Prawn (F. merguiensis) and the Redleg Banana Prawn (F. indicus).

The vast majority of banana prawns are sustainably caught in Northern Prawn Fishery during an 8 week season spanning from the beginning of April to the end of May. Each season the catch is directly correlated to the local rainfall levels between the months of December through to March.

Banana prawns retain their shape when cooked, and are generally more affordable than king or tiger prawns.

We sell banana prawns caught from the Gulf of Carpentaria in Queensland.

Prawns are peeled, deveined and individually quick frozen. These are sold in packs as large cutlets (tail-on) and flesh – medium and large sizes.

Prawns have a sweet mild flavour that makes them ideal for light and delicately flavoured dishes.

Extra Large Raw Banana Prawn Cutlets (21/25) – $36.90/500g


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