There are hundreds of different species of these cephalopods worldwide. All parts are edible – tentacles, tubes, wings and ink sac.

Calamari have wings that run down the entire length of the tube. Arrow squid have short arrow shaped fins at the base of the tube.

The golden rule for cooking ink fish is over a high heat for a short amount of time <2mins. Cook prepared squid in small batches.

Scoring the flesh (pineapple cut) helps heat penetrate quickly and evenly. It also creates greater surface area for marinade & seasoning to stick.

We sell squid in a variety of forms like whole round, whole cleaned, flower cut, small & large tubes, crumbed, marinated and coated in salt & pepper batter.

Whole Round Squid – $15.90/kg

Whole Cleaned Squid – $16.90/kg

Large Squid Tubes – $15.90/kg

Flower Cut Squid – $16.99/kg

Natural Squid Rings – $16.90/kg


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