Fresh salmon with parsley and lemon
Fresh salmon with parsley and lemonHot smoked salmon

Atlantic Salmon

1kg Bag of Premium Atlantic Salmon is only $29.90. Sashimi grade, individually vacuum sealed skin-on portions.


Our premium Atlantic salmon comes from the remote, crystal clear waters of the Norwegian fjords in the Arctic.


Our salmon is available as full fillets, fillet portions, cutlets, hot smoked, cold smoked and as caviar


Salmon feed is comprised of a mixture of fishmeal, soybean, vitamins, minerals, natural pigment and fish oil from certified sustainable fisheries.


Ocean Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) are rainbow trout reared in seawater. They have a naturally darker, more reddish pigment than salmon.

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Additional Information

Cooking Suggestions

Salmon fillets can be grilled, poached, marinated, smoked and is excellent in stir-fry and casseroles. Salmon can be served raw in sashimi and sushi. Smoked salmon is great as a pizza topping or in salads and pasta dishes. Salmon is delicious used in a myriad of ways…limited only to your imagination

Health and Nutrition

Salmon is a great way to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. It’s an excellent source of protein, rich in vitamins A & D and omega-3 fatty acids.

Handy Hint

Ocean Trout have a more subtle flavour and less salty

Fast Fact

Salmon become darker in colour when they spawn

Recipe Card

Crispy Skin Salmon with Red Pepper Sauce


Miso, Dukkah, Wasabi


Ocean Trout, Freshwater, Rainbow Trout