Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna


Yellowfin tuna are a highly migratory pelagic species with long bright yellow anal and dorsal fins.

Tuna are torpedo shaped fish built for speed and have been recorded swimming at speeds of over 70kmph. Tuna have much larger hearts than most other fishes (10x relative to size)

They are fast growing fish that live for about 7 years reaching almost 2m long and weighing 200kg. The majority of fish caught are 50-90cm in length.

Tuna have the nickname ‘rose of the sea’ due to their pink coloured flesh caused by an oxygen binding molecule called myoglobin.

Tuna has a firm, meaty texture that is traditionally served raw as sashimi or rare when pan seared. Tuna can be cubed for skewers, baked and smoked. Best cooked when at room temperature. Flesh becomes dry if over cooked. Available in individual vacuum sealed portions 170-200g.

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