King Prawns

King Prawns

There are 3 species of King Prawns – Western, Eastern & Redspot.

The majority of our Western King Prawns are caught in the pristine waters of the world heritage area Shark Bay and the Exmouth Gulf between April to November each year.

King prawns are trawled over hard sand sediment during the night with the average size 10-16cm in length and 30-45g

Australia’s prawn fisheries are very well managed by having a limited number of vessels, seasonal closures, area closures, gear controls and time/moon closures.

We stock extra large cooked king prawns from Exmouth, a wide variety of sizes as green prawns from Shark bay and South Australia.

King Prawns have a rich flavour that compliments – chilli, garlic, coriander, light curries, mayonnaises, citrus and tropical fruits.

Exmouth Cooked King Prawns

Extra Large (9/12) – $42.90/kg & 5kg Box $195

Raw King Prawns

Shark Bay Large (15/25) – $27.90/kg & 3kg Box $75

Extra Large (11/15) – $39.90/kg & 5kg Box $175

Jumbo (U10) – $49.90kg & 5kg Box $230

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