Blue Bone Groper

Blue Bone Groper


Blue Bone Groper is an umbrella name used for the species; Baldchin Groper (Choerodon rubescens), Blue Tuskfish (C. cyanodus), Venus Tuskfish (C. venustus) and Blackspot Tuskfish (C. cyanodus).

Blue Bone Groper typically inhabits coral reefs with sections of broken rubble, sand and weed. They are a member of the wrasse family and are highly regarded for their excellent eating quality.

Tuskfish can easily be distinguished from parrot fish by their teeth, Tuskfish have two pairs of canines in the front of the lower jaw and parrot fish have a beak.

Blue bone is one of the best eating reef fish species with juicy thick flesh that melts in your mouth.

This sweet tasting boneless fillet cooks well pan fried, baked and steamed.

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